Mastering the words

Vocabulary is an essential part of learning a language. The more words your child knows, the better they can express themselves and understand others. A wide vocabulary is therefore not only important when reading, but also in understanding other teaching material and in terms of social skills. WoordExtra by Squla is free to use for any child that wants to improve their vocabulary.

Every child proficient in language with WoordExtra

Most children in the Netherlands start primary education with a vocabulary of 1.000 to 3.000 words. But there are also toddlers who only know 200 to 300 Dutch words. Or older children who are just starting to learn the Dutch language. The 2.000 words that children should know can be practised on WoordExtra. This list was made by the Institute for Dutch Language Education (ITTA).

For who is WoordExtra?

WoordExtra is meant for children between the ages of 3 and 6 who need more support in improving their vocabulary. This could be children who grow up in linguistically deprived families or in families with a migration background, but also for any child that finds language difficult and wants to improve. With WoordExtra they can playfully get introduced to the 2.000 Dutch words that children in the third grade should know.

Want to request WoordExtra for free?

A WoordExtra-membership is free for children who can benefit from practising vocabulary. Do you know someone who could be interested in using WoordExtra? Or do you perhaps work with children that could make use of this, for example at a daycare or a school?

Request Woordextra for free via the contact form. Please let us know how many codes you want.

Activate the code

Did you already receive a code? You can activate your 16-digit activation code at Take a look at the WoordExtra-manual for an explanation about the activation proces.

Do you have problems activating or is the proces not clear? Please contact us via the contact form.

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Scientifically proven

WoordExtra is based on scientifically proven principles.

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All words will be read aloud

The quizzes are read aloud and accompanied by fun illustrations.

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Available on desktop, tablet and mobile phone

Play WoordExtra wherever and whenever you want!

Organisations that use WoordExtra

We are partners with more than a thousand schools, daycares, kindergartens, after-school cares, speech therapists, consultancies and agencies for asylum seekers. Check if these organisations are in your area, or simply request WoordExtra yourself.

More questions?

Can’t find your question? Contact us via the contact form.

You can request free activation codes by contacting us via our contact form. You will receive codes to create your account for free, including an explanation on how to use WoordExtra.

Accounts can be activated at

An account will give you access to WoordExtra for 3 years and it is completely free.

You can use WoordExtra on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. For this you only need internet access. Our website works best on a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For playing on a tablet or mobile phone, you can download the Squla app. This app works on all tablets with Android 5.0 or higher or iOS7 or higher (be aware that this might work different for older tablets or phones). You can login everywhere with the same login details.

WoordExtra is intended for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. You can find WoordExtra if you change the account to Peuters (Toddlers), Groep 1 or Groep 2.

WoordExtra will automatically expire after three years.

You can active your 16-digit activation code at
You can download the WoordExtra manual for more explanation.
Do you have problems activating or is the proces not clear? Please contact us via the contact form.

Yes. There’s no catch. WoordExtra is part of Squla’s Steuntje in de Rug, an initiative that wants to help as many children to have a good start at school.